Martins Bay 32

Weka No.1™ Wet Radiata

Product Description

Visually graded to a No.1 Frame, Weka No.1 comes is a wide range of sizes, treatments, lengths and finish options. This robust wet treated Radiata Pine product is suited for demanding outdoor applications including, posts, pergolas, bollards, wharves and jetty’s to name a few. It is commonly used across the residential, civil and commercial markets in a large number of applications

Trusted Weka No.1 products are held ex stock in H4 and H5 CCA treated for prompt dispatch nationwide from a single beam to multiple size and length larger projects. We also offer this range in H6 CCA treated for demanding salt water applications such as jetty’s. This treatment is available on demand. Please enquire.

Weka  No.1 has been used on a number of significant projects around New Zealand from a Wellington water front project to a large pergola in Martin Bay, Matakana. View our projects.

Produced from sustainable Radiata Pine forests in New Zealand, Weka No.1 products are available as FSC® Certified on demand to assist in sustainable construction projects such as Greenstar or Homestar.


Additional Information

Timber Specie

Radiata Pine (pinus radiata)

Country of Origin

New Zealand


No. 1


Band Sawn, Planer Gauged, Rough Sawn





Recommended Use


Size Range

Rough SawnPlaner GaugedBand Sawn
50 x 5047 x 4745 x 45
75 x 7569 x 6965 x 65
350 x 50344 x 47340 x 45
350 x 75344 x 69340 x 65
350 x 100344 x 94340 x 90
150 x 150144 x 144140 x 140
200 x 150194 x 144190 x 140
250 x 150244 x 144240 x 140
300 x 150294 x 144290 x 140
200 x 200194 x 194190 x 190
250 x 200244 x 194240 x 190
300 x 200294 x 194290 x 190
250 x 250244 x 244240 x 240
300 x 250294 x 244290 x 240
300 x 300294 x 294290 x 290

Special Notes

  • End-tagged only for grade identification. No face-branding.
  • Band sawn finish: To achieve this popular finish it is taken out of Rough Sawn stock and band sawn to order.
  • Weka No.1 planer gauged is square edge finish except 47 x 47 is pencil-round edges
  • Length range: 3.6, 4.2, 4.8, 5.4, and 6.0m
  • Cut-to-length service option. Supplied with treated finish after cutting.
  • H3.2 treatment is available on request.
  • Custom sizes can be made to order. Please enquire.