Amazing Facade Effect

Very clever use of Douglas Fir. The  rough-sawn boards of 200 x 25 Douglas Fir make an incredible effect of its prominent grain when concrete slabs are poured over it. This huge architectural home has these concrete panels for both interior and exterior featured throughout. Carefully laid on a slab with  both for the face and the edge of the panels it produced an eye-catching wall when panels were raised from the slab. Contact our timber consultants today with your unique requirements.

Tea Tree Lane, Woodridge Estate, Wellington

Woodridge is a new residential suburb located at the northern end of Newlands in Wellington. Homes are built on flat sections, nestled in the Hills between Newlands and Horokiwi. Seemingly a country mile from the hustle and bustle of city life, tucked away in a quiet pocket of Wellington’s northern suburbs, the place that encourages pride of ownership, peace of mind and a sense of belonging.

With gorgeous views, reserve outlooks and flat building sites, it’s little wonder that Woodridge is fast becoming one of Wellington’s most successful new residential neighbourhoods, and all only minutes from Wellington CBD.

An impeccable eye for detail is a  hallmark of the team working on this development that ranges from stylish town houses to architectural homes.

Over recent years ATS Timber has worked in close conjunction with the developers and local Approved Resellers to provide customised timber products to a large number of these homes. A lot of them feature band sawn face weatherboard and fascia’s out of our Kakapo Cladding range that is pre-stained in Resene Woodsman colours and then finished on site. A range of profiles from bevel back to rusticated to shiplap and different colour options are chosen depending on the clients tastes. Custom designed pergola’s and entryway’s commonly incorporate band sawn timber products that serve both a modern an functional purpose.

Development of Woodridge Estate began when the landowning family of Woodridge Farm, the Wrights, began to cut a portion of their farm into lots in the 1980’s. Woodridge is still actively growing under the guiding hand of the Wright family members in the form of Woodridge Developments and Wrightway Homes.

Mr Wright took the ‘wood’ theme from the family farm and named many of the streets in keeping with this theme. Examples are Peppertree Lane, Cedarwood St, Ashwood St, Kentwood Drive, White Pine Ave, and Cabbage Tree Lane.

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New Weka Post Range

Easier…Faster…Cheaper…More Stable…Splinter-free……The Original ‘Weka Post

Until now there has been two options for cut-to-length post products on the market – the cheap, low grade H4 Wet rough sawn post and engineered posts. A radical gap in quality and price with no standard options in-between.

Drawing from the strengths and weaknesses of both these options in the market and hearing the demands of the market; requesting the nice machined finish of an engineered post with pencil-round edges, a higher visual grade and more outer-wood, strength and stability than the H4 Wet Sawn  post; the Weka Post was born.

The Original ‘Weka Post’ opens up a ‘blue-ocean’ of demand for a cost-competitive, highly visual, machined fence post. A wet treated H4 CCA post, hand selected for a top visual grade and cut from strong outer wood NZ Radiata Pine for maximum strength and stability. It offers the ‘best mix of both worlds.’ It is a natural wet timber post and may be subject to inherent movement and splitting as it is exposed to the elements. For best practice advice on how to minimise the risk of this, please consult our Builders Book 2014 Beams & Framing ‘Best Practice Guides.’

Special Note for Approved Resellers:

  • Excellent new seasonal offer
  • Easy-to-merchandise packs: 66@2.4m CTL,
  • Highly-visual, unique end branding to capture brand loyalty,
  • One FIS price nationwide
  • Dispatch within 24 hours of ordering.
  • Please contact us today for more info.

Clyde Quay Wharf, Wellington

Hailed as ‘Wellington’s most sort after residential address.’

This multi-unit residential, office and retail building was a $180m development undertaken by Willis Bond and Co. The recently completed project was at the time one of New Zealand’s largest commercial projects. In comprises of 76 premium apartments on the upper levels, public spaces, art works and hospitality businesses at wharf level. Designed by Athfield Architects, the complex replaces the Overseas Passenger Terminal, built in the 1960s on a wharf that dates from 1910.

The development was the largest private development in New Zealand and was officially reopened on 18 June 2014, by Her Worship the Mayor, Celia Wade-Brown, following six years of intense planning and two and a half years of strengthening, conservation and construction.

A project of immense scale, the 250m long building has involved more than 1,000 workers over the past two years, with an additional 300 consultants, designers and experts collaborating on the project off-site. The team engaged cutting-edge construction and design techniques to deliver the international-standard development in its unique position in Wellington Harbour in excess of 100% of the Building Code. The project was constructed by local firm LT McGuiness.

The apartments are the home to the city’s biggest concentration of millionaire’s and the most expensive apartment is believed to have sold for in excess of $10m. Seventy-six apartments ranging in price from $1.3 million to as much as $10m for the largest apartment on the top deck at the northern end of the wharf. Panoramic views of the city and harbour. Under-wharf parking with direct lift access to apartments. A concierge, movie theatre, gym and business centre.

ATS Timber worked in close conjunction with a Wellington based Approved Reseller and contractors to supply over 11,000 lineal metres of a custom run skirting out of our Kakapo Clears Radiata Pine UT range, supplied sanded one face. This product was fitted out throughout most of the project and painted with a high gloss paint.

We also supplied a number of other products involved in the structural side including timber for concrete formwork and other custom timber products to help make this exciting project a reality.

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