Havwoods Trekker Range – Composite Decking

LAUNCHED TODAY – the Trekker Range by Havwoods is available exclusively in NZ by ATS Timber.

Havwoods Deck Book

Trekker Decking & Cladding Boards

The Trekker range comprises of both decking and cladding boards suitable for both external and internal use. Passionate as we are about wood we are not convinced of its suitability for use as a decking product. Exposed to the elements timber can rot, warp, splinter and become highly slippery in the wet due to the growth of algae, but this attractive wood grain textured composite is made from wood and recycled plastic and so is far less susceptible. It is easy to install using fixing clips and even easier to maintain, requiring nothing more than an occasional wash with plain water. It is covered by a 15-year warranty and, thanks to negotiation with the manufacturer, is now even more cost-effective.

Trekker is UV treated for fade resistance so, although it will mellow slightly once installed, the colour will stabilise after just two or three weeks. Scratches may be lightly sanded and the colour will rapidly blend into the remaining deck or cladding.

Trekker Range by Havwoods

Spruce log end

Grade Right Review on Kingfisher Spruce™

Paul Carpenter, a New Zealand timber industry expert has worked closely with our team to certify the new Kingfisher Spruce™ range to NZ structural standards. Grade Right's industry expertise and knowledge of timber species and properties was a valuable asset in the development of this exciting new range. 

"In regards the imported European spruce (Picea spp.) beams imported into NZ, I can confirm that I witnessed the testing of 30 randomly selected pieces of each of four sizes, namely140, 190, 240 and 290x90mm beams on the 18th of August 2014 at the ATS Timber site in Levin. Structurally, they exceeded the equivalent properties of SG8, comfortably met the equivalent requirements of SG10 and in a number of cases were equivalent to SG12. The timber was white to pale yellow in colour and very close grained, often having 10-20+ growth rings per inch with very small knots for the most part. All but one of the pieces easily met the requirements of No 1 Framing as per NZS3631:1988 “New Zealand timber grading rules” and therefore would meet the visual grade requirements of Visually Stress Graded 8 (SG8) and Visually Stress Graded 10 (SG10) for the domestic NZ market. Some pieces had a small percentage of sapwood but for the most part the majority were mainly or totally heartwood. The moisture content of most pieces was between 10 and 15% with most pieces being very straight and only a couple having noticeable twist but well within the requirements for twist contained in NZS3631..." Paul Carpenter, Managing Director, Grade Right (NZ) Ltd

Testing the four largest sizes in the new range that are the most demanding proved without a doubt the superior structural properties of this product over against other alternatives in the market. Other key features you will notice Paul Carpenter mentioned was the timber density (close grained), stability, heartwood content, straightness and superior visual grade.   

NEW Kingfisher Spruce Range “Making the unbelievable, affordable”

We decided to radically change the norm of the New Zealand timber industry.

Being industry experts in visual, solid timber for over 20 years, ATS Timber saw an increasing demand for a highly visual and structural, solid timber beam range.

Over 7 years ago we launched our unique range of Kingfisher SG8 solid Pine, kiln dried beams. Producing these Radiata Pine beams from the NZ timber resource presented us with numerous, ongoing challenges.

There had to be a superior alternative. It had to be a better visual grade, have superior structural properties to Radiata Pine, meet or exceed all appropriate NZ Standards, be more dimensionally stable, be price competitive and be environmentally certified.

We would accept nothing less than the best in the world.

Twelve months of R&D has resulted in this launch of Kingfisher Spruce "Making the unbelievable, affordable."

We have done special introductory pricing for this range for a limited period of time that brings it comparable to our existing ranges of Radiata Pine, Douglas Fir and Macrocarpa. This offers almost unbelievable value-for-money.

The full range will be available ex stock from January 2015 including the full range of visual SG8 and SG10 Verified beams and framing and a reversible designed TGV paneling and sarking product.

New Weka Post Range

Easier…Faster…Cheaper…More Stable…Splinter-free……The Original ‘Weka Post

Until now there has been two options for cut-to-length post products on the market – the cheap, low grade H4 Wet rough sawn post and engineered posts. A radical gap in quality and price with no standard options in-between.

Drawing from the strengths and weaknesses of both these options in the market and hearing the demands of the market; requesting the nice machined finish of an engineered post with pencil-round edges, a higher visual grade and more outer-wood, strength and stability than the H4 Wet Sawn  post; the Weka Post was born.

The Original ‘Weka Post’ opens up a ‘blue-ocean’ of demand for a cost-competitive, highly visual, machined fence post. A wet treated H4 CCA post, hand selected for a top visual grade and cut from strong outer wood NZ Radiata Pine for maximum strength and stability. It offers the ‘best mix of both worlds.’ It is a natural wet timber post and may be subject to inherent movement and splitting as it is exposed to the elements. For best practice advice on how to minimise the risk of this, please consult our Builders Book 2014 Beams & Framing ‘Best Practice Guides.’

Special Note for Approved Resellers:

  • Excellent new seasonal offer
  • Easy-to-merchandise packs: 66@2.4m CTL,
  • Highly-visual, unique end branding to capture brand loyalty,
  • One FIS price nationwide
  • Dispatch within 24 hours of ordering.
  • Please contact us today for more info.

New Copper Quat (CQ) Treatment for Kingfisher SG8™ H3.2 Range

This innovative new treatment we have chosen to add to our Kingfisher SG8™ range which means it can be now used in exterior applications. Key features and benefits of this new treatment is:

  • Complies with NZS3640 and AS1604
  • Third party treatment accreditation
  • Chrome and Arsenic Free
  • Waterborne preservatives
  • Patented Penetration Technology
  • Ref NZS3604:2011 Section 4 Durability. Provides a means of compliance with clause B2 of the NZ Building Code for relevant fixing and fastenings.
  • IMPORTANT: Stainless Steel fixings/fasteners must be used with Kingfisher SG8™ products.

Kakapo Range Launch

All our Radiata Clears and Dress Grade products have been brought into our growing family of branded products in our new Approved Reseller Buyers Guide May 2013. These have all been brought under the Kakapo brand including:

> Kakapo Clears™ Radiata Boards
> Kakapo Dress Grade™ Radiata Boards
> Kakapo Cladding™ Radiata
> Kakapo Mouldings™ Radiata
Learn more about our Kakapo Range products now.

Kingfisher SG8™ Premium Dry Product Launch

In recent years our product development team has been working on developing a new solid timber beam that can be economically produced with an H3.2 treatment with a full penetration. There has been a high demand from the market for this given the existing H3.1 Clear treamtent on the market is only an envelope treatment and is not recommended for use outdoors.
This severly limited the product on the applications it could be put into.

The traditional process of achieving a dry H3.2 in CCA of a dry-treat-dry meant that with bigger size timbers yielded a high amount of downgrade when kiln dried the second time making it uneconomical to produce.
A new process developed has made this possible and resulted in the rebrand of Toroa SG8™ to Kingfisher SG8™ encompassing the existing H3.1 Clear Treated range for exposed trusses and the exciting new H3.2 option. See more about the new Kingfisher SG8 Premium Dry range.
For technical info for architects and engineers when specifying this product, please contact us.