Spruce log end

Grade Right Review on Kingfisher Spruce™

Paul Carpenter, a New Zealand timber industry expert has worked closely with our team to certify the new Kingfisher Spruce™ range to NZ structural standards. Grade Right's industry expertise and knowledge of timber species and properties was a valuable asset in the development of this exciting new range. 

"In regards the imported European spruce (Picea spp.) beams imported into NZ, I can confirm that I witnessed the testing of 30 randomly selected pieces of each of four sizes, namely140, 190, 240 and 290x90mm beams on the 18th of August 2014 at the ATS Timber site in Levin. Structurally, they exceeded the equivalent properties of SG8, comfortably met the equivalent requirements of SG10 and in a number of cases were equivalent to SG12. The timber was white to pale yellow in colour and very close grained, often having 10-20+ growth rings per inch with very small knots for the most part. All but one of the pieces easily met the requirements of No 1 Framing as per NZS3631:1988 “New Zealand timber grading rules” and therefore would meet the visual grade requirements of Visually Stress Graded 8 (SG8) and Visually Stress Graded 10 (SG10) for the domestic NZ market. Some pieces had a small percentage of sapwood but for the most part the majority were mainly or totally heartwood. The moisture content of most pieces was between 10 and 15% with most pieces being very straight and only a couple having noticeable twist but well within the requirements for twist contained in NZS3631..." Paul Carpenter, Managing Director, Grade Right (NZ) Ltd

Testing the four largest sizes in the new range that are the most demanding proved without a doubt the superior structural properties of this product over against other alternatives in the market. Other key features you will notice Paul Carpenter mentioned was the timber density (close grained), stability, heartwood content, straightness and superior visual grade.   

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