Kingfisher SG8™ Premium Dry Product Launch

In recent years our product development team has been working on developing a new solid timber beam that can be economically produced with an H3.2 treatment with a full penetration. There has been a high demand from the market for this given the existing H3.1 Clear treamtent on the market is only an envelope treatment and is not recommended for use outdoors.
This severly limited the product on the applications it could be put into.

The traditional process of achieving a dry H3.2 in CCA of a dry-treat-dry meant that with bigger size timbers yielded a high amount of downgrade when kiln dried the second time making it uneconomical to produce.
A new process developed has made this possible and resulted in the rebrand of Toroa SG8™ to Kingfisher SG8™ encompassing the existing H3.1 Clear Treated range for exposed trusses and the exciting new H3.2 option. See more about the new Kingfisher SG8 Premium Dry range.
For technical info for architects and engineers when specifying this product, please contact us.

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