NEW Kingfisher Spruce Range “Making the unbelievable, affordable”

We decided to radically change the norm of the New Zealand timber industry.

Being industry experts in visual, solid timber for over 20 years, ATS Timber saw an increasing demand for a highly visual and structural, solid timber beam range.

Over 7 years ago we launched our unique range of Kingfisher SG8 solid Pine, kiln dried beams. Producing these Radiata Pine beams from the NZ timber resource presented us with numerous, ongoing challenges.

There had to be a superior alternative. It had to be a better visual grade, have superior structural properties to Radiata Pine, meet or exceed all appropriate NZ Standards, be more dimensionally stable, be price competitive and be environmentally certified.

We would accept nothing less than the best in the world.

Twelve months of R&D has resulted in this launch of Kingfisher Spruce "Making the unbelievable, affordable."

We have done special introductory pricing for this range for a limited period of time that brings it comparable to our existing ranges of Radiata Pine, Douglas Fir and Macrocarpa. This offers almost unbelievable value-for-money.

The full range will be available ex stock from January 2015 including the full range of visual SG8 and SG10 Verified beams and framing and a reversible designed TGV paneling and sarking product.

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