New Zealand Growers want PEFC™ Certification

The NZ Forest Certification Association (NZFCA) has just been accepted as the country’s PEFC™ member.

“It makes sense for New Zealand forest growers to be in a position to supply PEFC™ certified forest products to [international] markets,” says the association’s chair Dr Andrew McEwen.

Many countries buying New Zealand forest products – or competing with its exports – are already PEFC™ members, including China, Japan, Indonesia, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Russia, and the US.

NZFCA hopes to have a PEFC™ endorsed certification system based on the New Zealand Standard for Sustainable Forest Management (NZS AS 4708:2014) in place later this year.

The NZ Standard is based on the Australian Forestry Standard (AS 4708:2013), which is the basis for the PEFC™ endorsed Australian Forest Certification system.

Endorsement by PEFC™ of an NZ forest management system will allow forest owners to obtain certification for their management practices, and allow processors and others along the supply chain to source PEFC™-certified material from local, sustainably managed sources.

Most New Zealand commercial forestry operations are already certified to Forest Stewardship Council criteria.

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