New Weka Post Range

Easier…Faster…Cheaper…More Stable…Splinter-free……The Original ‘Weka Post

Until now there has been two options for cut-to-length post products on the market – the cheap, low grade H4 Wet rough sawn post and engineered posts. A radical gap in quality and price with no standard options in-between.

Drawing from the strengths and weaknesses of both these options in the market and hearing the demands of the market; requesting the nice machined finish of an engineered post with pencil-round edges, a higher visual grade and more outer-wood, strength and stability than the H4 Wet Sawn  post; the Weka Post was born.

The Original ‘Weka Post’ opens up a ‘blue-ocean’ of demand for a cost-competitive, highly visual, machined fence post. A wet treated H4 CCA post, hand selected for a top visual grade and cut from strong outer wood NZ Radiata Pine for maximum strength and stability. It offers the ‘best mix of both worlds.’ It is a natural wet timber post and may be subject to inherent movement and splitting as it is exposed to the elements. For best practice advice on how to minimise the risk of this, please consult our Builders Book 2014 Beams & Framing ‘Best Practice Guides.’

Special Note for Approved Resellers:

  • Excellent new seasonal offer
  • Easy-to-merchandise packs: 66@2.4m CTL,
  • Highly-visual, unique end branding to capture brand loyalty,
  • One FIS price nationwide
  • Dispatch within 24 hours of ordering.
  • Please contact us today for more info.