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Innovative Timber Preschools

The ecocycle and children’s dreams. Wood is more than an important ingredient in environmentally and socially sustainable building. The material also has a uniquely warm look and tactile properties that appeal to children. Let us take you to three different and vibrant preschools, where the focus has very much been on ecolabelled materials and the dreams and needs of the children.

Building for children is not easy. Their energy explodes all the boundaries, since they are not yet familiar with the diktat of adult life that you have to spend most of your day sitting still. It is therefore a tough challenge to create architecture for children, something that makes architects self-critically question regular architecture.

Råå Preschool in Helsingborg, right by the waters of Öresund, looks more like a sculpture than a kindergarten. The school has an unbroken geometric shape with a facade of narrow vertical robinia cladding. Not exactly what you might expect alongside the traditional brick facades of the old school buildings. The interior is at least as fascinating with all its angles and nooks, large windows and triangular lanterns that illuminate the open environment. In an uninsulated side building, the little ones can sleep off their lunch in little wooden wagons, indoors and yet outdoors.

“The key is to encourage the children’s motor skills with spaces where they can climb and negotiate steps,” says Pernille Svendsen, architect at Danish practice Dorte Mandrup, which is responsible for this project.

“Wood is a fantastic material that brings warmth and has a rare materiality. We’ve used veneered panelling in the design, a natural material that looks almost like we found it on the beach.”…

Consider using PEFC™ Certified Kingfisher Spruce timber in your next timber project.

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Temporary Timber Theatre, Vancouver

TED talks are inspirational speeches from leaders, philosophers, writers, artists and designers from all over the world. For the annual TED conference in Vancouver, the 30-year-old organization tried something completely new. They built its own theatre, a temporary, 20,000-square-foot semi-circular space made of locally forested timber and outfitted with a rainbow of modified office furniture (with sixteen seating options, from beanbags to lounge seating and traditional theatre chairs).

Vancouver Convention Center hosted the temporary 1200-seat auditorium designed by David Rockwell, who won the Presidential Design Award for his extraordinary work renovating New York’s Grand Central Station. His firm, the Rockwell Group, is also designing the interior for the JetBlue terminal at New York’s JFK Airport. The pop up theatre was built from 600 wood components, and assembled in just 4.5 days, designed to be easily disassembled and reused by TED for years to come. See more